Exline, Inc. offers industrial solutions, sales and service for rotating and reciprocating equipment used in gas compression, power generation, industrial, and plastics mixing and compounding industries. Since 1872, Exline has provided industrial solutions of field service repair and installation of critical equipment, filed machining on-site at customer locations as well as in-house at our industrial repair and manufacturing facilities, Exline equipment protection devices worldwide.


ACI is an innovative company who continues to prosper by adhering to its core values of accountability, customer focus, integrity, and professionalism. ACI leads the industry with the latest thermodynamic based compressor performance platform which we have embedded in our Sentinel Compressor Monitoring product. We expect great things from our strategic partnership because they continually innovate and develop new frontiers in the compression industry to meet the needs of their customers.

STI Inc.

STI was founded in 1989 as Sales Technology Inc. with a mission to develop low-cost vibration solutions to their customers while providing the flexibility required in today’s competitive market. They are now known as STI Vibration Monitoring Inc. to better reflect their mission. STI manufactures their products in Texas and Nevada. They specialize in Rack Based Monitoring Systems and sensors. STI will be a valuable strategic partner with MMS in 2022 as we introduce our first monitoring system products for centrifugal machines used in the oil and gas markets.

Radical Combustion Technologies (RCT) is a strategic partner bringing synergy with our work to natural gas engines. They are currently developing “clean and green” hardware retrofit kits to improve operating performance of internal combustion engines, with a focus of reducing NOx while at the same time reducing many of the more critical “Green-House Gases” while improving fuel economy. By improving engine performance, customers will realize reduced pollutant emissions, fuel savings and lower O & M costs with increasing horsepower (HP). RCT will be utilizing MMS’s ProBalance Systems to keep engines well balanced and together we will be working on improved methods of operating and balancing spark ignited engines.