The Machinery Monitoring Systems Snapshot® Engine Balancer is a portable analyzer for slow-speed, natural gas fueled engine balancing. The ignition clip allows the operator to first verify proper functioning ignition on all cylinders before attempting to balance an engine. The quick ignition test provides a green, yellow, or red indication of ignition quality based on breakdown voltage and spark duration. These parameters are user definable on a per-engine basis. After verifying good ignition, the operator can then proceed with collecting “As-Found” balance data. After making appropriate adjustments to fuel flow the operator can collect “As-Left balance data.

The belt worn data acquisition module has a rechargeable battery and connectors for pressure sensor and a secondary spark clip. The module transmits data to the Snapshot tablet wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

Pressure and ignition curves are displayed on the Snapshot tablet screen for the operator. Engine Balance and Ignition reports are available in PDF format for saving, printing or emailing.

The Snapshot Engine Balancer utilizes a Station | Machine | Route database that makes it easy to use company-wide.

Snapshot Engine Balancer Key Features

  • Portable balancer for engines
  • Ruggedized-EMI resistant unit
  • Graphic & numerical display of engine cylinder pressures (user definable number of measurements)
  • Functions with both 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines
  • Software provides spike removal / smoothing
  • Graphic and numerical display of secondary ignition (user definable number of measurements)
  • Wireless communication between Data Acquisition Module (DAM) and tablet
  • 8-hour battery life – Hot Swap battery capability
  • Class 1, Division 2 rating pending
Snapshot Engine Balancer in use.
Snapshot Engine Balancer Kit
Snapshot Balancer Kit

Snapshot Engine Balancing Kit

  • Snapshot Tablet Computer
  • Acquisition Module
  • Ballistic Nylon Belt Case
  • Balancing Software
  • 1500 PSI DC Engine Pressure Sensor
  • Kiene Valve Wrench
  • Spark Clip
  • Tablet Docking Station/Charger
  • Snapshot Module Battery Charger
  • Neck Strap
  • Shipping Case