Machinery Monitoring System’s Sentinel®-VM (Vibration Monitor) allows a user to customize what critical reciprocating machinery vibration parameters they want to monitor and alarm on. Whether it’s crosshead vibration/impacts, frame or bearing vibration, frame/cylinder movement, MMS has the sensors and monitoring methodology to identify the common failure modes of reciprocating engines and compressors. It’s the perfect complement to our dynamic pressure CPM and EPM modules.

Sentinel® – VM Key Features

  • 12 input channels
  • 2 phase trigger channels
  • Accepts a wide variety of sensor types
  • Accelerometers, Velocity and Prox Probes
  • Peak, RMS and PK-Pk measurement
  • Wide range of frequency ranges and filters
  • Unique method of detecting impacts on Crossheads
  • 2 Alarm relays
  • Modbus – Ethernet or Serial
  • Class 1, Groups A,B,C,D, Div 2 approved
Sentinel®- VM

Sentinel – VM Capability

  • Wide range of Reciprocating machinery applications
  • Frame and Cylinder movement
  • Crosshead impacts due to mechanical looseness or rubs
  • Main Bearing issues
  • Turbo Chargers
  • Fans\Pumps
  • Electric Motors
  • Suitable for wide speed range
  • 180 RPM to 1,500 RPM
TSA Compliant Multi-factor Log-In
Real-time reciprocating machinery vibration monitoring

Crosshead Vibration

  • Unique and Proprietary Crosshead Vibration Method used to detect impacts due to mechanical looseness and rubs
  • The method looks at vibration data from an accelerometer for a user defined period of time, detecting peak values occurring within the time window
  • Two programmable threshold levels are set N1 and N2. The method detects any peaks that exceed these thresholds within the time window and applies a programmable weighted multiplier to create a Fault Index value that can be trended and alarmed on.
  • Requires one accelerometer per crosshead.