Machinery Monitoring System MachineryRx® is a revolutionary new way to track engine balance across your entire organization! A simple-to-use website provides a single location for your operators and analysts to upload their engine balance results.

The MachineryRx website supports automatic uploads from MMS Snapshot Engine Balancer along with simple form-entry for non-MMS analyzer users.

MachineryRX screen image, track engine balancing across the organization.

MachineryRx Key Features

  • Organize balance data by multiple, custom levels (e.g., Corporate, Division, Region, Station, Machine)
  • Access levels controlled by log-in permissions based on user
  • Share information and data across company
  • Enhance ability for peer advice/review throughout organization
  • No software to install; accessed by web browser and log-in credentials
  • Acceptable balance limits and balance intervals customizable at each level (e.g., Corporate, Division, Region, Station, Machine)
  • Website securely hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Compare engine balance data across the entire company by Unit Model Number
  • Informative and actionable reports for management.
  • Managers have the ability to add recommendations to a particular balance report
  • Automatic upload of balance data from MMS Snapshot Engine Balancer:
    • Power cylinder pressure and ignition curves
    • As-Found and As-Left data
    • Panel Points
    • Operator comments
  • Simple data entry from non-MMS (Legacy) balancers
    • Operator/Analyst logs into MachineryRx website and enters balance data
    • No redundant entry of information
  • Customizable security features
  • Simple monthly billing based on number of power cylinders