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We are offering two newly developed courses designed for those interested in learning more about both practical aspects and theory of engine balancing or using the Snapshot® Engine Balancer System.

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Engine Mean Peak Firing Pressure Balancing

Balanced power cylinder combustion on reciprocating engines is necessary for mechanical reliability and for emissions compliance. This entry level course provides both theory and practical explanation of balancing slow speed reciprocating engines.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course the learner will be able to:

  • List issues with the engine that cause cylinder-to-cylinder combustion differences
  • Describe why and how to balance the power cylinders
  • Discuss when and how often an engine should be balanced
  • Describe the 5-step process for balancing the power cylinders
  • Identify an acceptable range for determining best “as left” state of the engine when balanced
  • Have knowledge of common symptoms and potential engine issues effecting balancing

Snapshot Engine Balancer Training

This course is designed to provide an introduction and training for the Machinery Monitoring Systems’ Snapshot® Engine Balancer System. The Snapshot Engine Balancer is a portable device designed to support evaluation of the ignition and combustion processes in slow-speed, natural gas fueled engines. The Snapshot balancer is also used to record and evaluate the spark traces from the secondary side of the ignition system. Once the operator verifies that the ignition system is functioning properly, the operator can then measure the as-found peak firing pressures (PFP) for each cylinder. After making appropriate adjustments to the fuel flow to each cylinder the operator can then perform an as-left set of measurements. This course is composed of a series of videos recorded at an actual Snapshot Engine Balancer training.